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Support and services for substance abusers, recovering addicts and their family members

Tukikohta ry is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation which is helping people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction by offering them a variety of harm reduction and rehabilitation services. We also support recovering addicts and the family members and the loved ones of substance abusers. Established in 2000, the association is politically and religiously independent.

Our services include supervised group activities, individual case management, peer activities and day centre activities for substance abusers, rehabilitation services and training for recovering addicts as well as peer activities, support and counselling services and recreational activities for the families of substance abusers.

Our aim is also to influence the social standing of substance abusers and their families in the community and to support them to get the help they need. We strive to strengthen their individual agency, to improve quality of life and to support involvement and participation in the society. We are working to reduce stigma and social problems encountered by substance abusers and their families.

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