Mäkelänkatu 56
00510 Helsinki
fax. (09) 6931 362

Client premisses ”Risteys”
Mäkelänkatu 4 A
00510 Helsinki

Jälkipolku client premisses
Helsinginkatu 30
00530 Helsinki

Osis client premisses
Näkinkuja 4
00530 Helsinki


Tukikohta ry develops outpatient care services for substance abusers and recovering substance abusers and offers help and support to them and their close friends and family. Established in 2000, the association is politically and religiously independent.

Our primary goal is to improve services for substance abusers and recovering substance abusers and their families. For its entire existence, the association has sought to address social problems by, for example, developing the Finnish substance abuse treatment system and promoting a positive attitude towards the treatment of substance abusers. The basic function of Tukikohta ry is client-oriented interaction with substance abusers, recovering substance abusers and their families.

For substance abusers, we provide supervised group activities, individual case management and day centre activities. For discharged patients and patients in opioid replacement therapy, we provide follow-up outpatient rehabilitation and courses to strengthen their worklife abilities. We also offer training for substance-abusing and recovering addicts on strengthening their mental resources and supporting their networks of other addicts through peer activity. Our support and counselling services are even offered for addicts receiving treatment in hospital. We organize training courses for recovering addicts to help them to find their way back into the working life. Additionally, we offer peer group activities, support and counselling services and recreational activities for the families of substance abusers, as well as training for social workers and social work students.

We are located in Helsinki, Finland. Our office is in Vallila at Mäkelänkatu 56, and our client premises are at Mäkelänkatu 4 A (services for substance abusers) and Aleksis Kiven katu 50 (AfterStep rehabilitation programme).

We get our main funding from the revenues of the Finnish national betting company Veikkaus. Other sponsors are Department of Social Services and Health Care of the City of Helsinki. Our development cooperation project Sopi Jikko in Senegal during the years 2009-2015 was funded by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our follow-up rehabilitation programme Jälkipolku (Afterstep), on the other hand, relies on municipal funding. We are engaged in cooperation with authorities, different medical units and other associations and organizations active in social work and substance abuse work.